Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bike service

My front derailleur stopped working this week and I had to take the bike in for a service. Turned out I needed a new cassette on the back as well. I've been thinking about if I should upgrade the components on my existing bike or try to justify the cost of a new bike for L'Etape. I'm pretty sure I'll go for the new bike in the end. Still, it cost me £94 for the bike service and now I'm looking at another £1,000 + for a new bike !

Been cycling to work every day this week which is about 7 miles each way. Had to do it on my mountain bike which made it a bit harder.

Got 75 miles booked in for the weekend as well so that should bring the total up to 145 miles for the week.

Only 9 months to go !

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