Sunday, 30 November 2008


Went out last Sunday for 75 miles including twice up Bisson Hill this time. It was fantastic. I felt strong all the way round. It's the first one where I've enjoyed all of it.

I got a cycle computer for my birthday last week and what a difference it's made. I'm obsessed with my average times to work now ! Trouble is, I've completely knackered myself by sprinting to work each day so I used my motorbike on Friday. Because of Christmas shopping commitments (!) I'm missing this week's long ride today. I think it'll do me some good though. Maybe I'll switch to 3 day's cycling to work and 2 in the gym.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

75 miles again

Went out with 2 friends, both of who are dojng L'Etape as well. We met up at 07:30 this morning and set out for a 75 mile route. I felt great at the beginning and was really enjoying it. After the half way point though a fine rain started which brought the temperatures falling down. The last half wasn't as much fun as the first half but all the miles count ! Back home for 12:45. A friend cam round for a late sunday lucnh which was a great way of finishing the day. I have to admit that there were a few points round the course where I was beginning to realise the enormity of the task that lies ahead.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bike service

My front derailleur stopped working this week and I had to take the bike in for a service. Turned out I needed a new cassette on the back as well. I've been thinking about if I should upgrade the components on my existing bike or try to justify the cost of a new bike for L'Etape. I'm pretty sure I'll go for the new bike in the end. Still, it cost me £94 for the bike service and now I'm looking at another £1,000 + for a new bike !

Been cycling to work every day this week which is about 7 miles each way. Had to do it on my mountain bike which made it a bit harder.

Got 75 miles booked in for the weekend as well so that should bring the total up to 145 miles for the week.

Only 9 months to go !

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gale Force Winds

Got up at 06:30 this morning ready for a long cycle with friends but the forecast is for gale force winds today, so we've had to cancel.

Training Starts

For those of you don't know, L'Etape is an event where "normal" people can cycle a stage of the Tour De France. Normally around 9,000 people do the event. This year the event 175km with 3 category 3 climbs and ends at the top of Mount Ventoux.

I've been cycling a bit on and off but never attempted anything like this before. I've been thinking about entering L'Etape for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge.

Went out last Sunday with 3 friends for the first long cycle of many for the next 9 months ! It turned out to be 75 miles in the end but went surprisingly well.
Went out that afternoon and bought some overshoes as my feet were freezing.