Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Wind Down

It's all slowing down over the Christmas period. I've had a few work parties to go to which has limited the number of times I've ridden to work and the weekend rides with friends have slowed a bit as various people haven't been able to make it. I went out on 20th December with my friend Paul but we could only go for 2/3 hours as I needed to be back to go for lunch with my family. As it turned out, Paul wasn't feeling his best after a work's do, so the ride was gentle. It was a really nice change to know that the ride was going to be shorter and the pace was going to be easy. The weather was fantastic as well - a slight chill but with the sun out and the country side looking lovely. We ended up doing about 38 miles which wasn't too bad.

I have to admit, that I'm getting a bit nervous about how getting back on the bike going's to be after Christmas cos I've eaten loads and haven't done any exercise for over a week. I'm back at work on Friday, so I suppose I should ride to work to ease into it, but I'm going out on Saturday night with friends so I can't see myself getting a long ride in at the weekend.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Mechanical Disasters

Because of the weather, I've only managed 3 days cycling to work this week. I felt good on Wednesday so I decided to try and push the average speed up. I only managed to get it up to around 18 mph, which was a bit disappointing over only 25 minutes. It is a bit hilly but then it's sticking in my mind that I read an article in Cycling Weekly a few weeks ago about a 75 year old man who holds the 1 hour record for his age group and he managed 22 mph !

Went out for a 75 mile ride with 2 friends today whcih turned into a bit of a disaster. First I punctured and at the same time, my friend Adrian stopped just round the next bend. When I wen to him after fixing my puncture, his chain stay had bent and his whell wouldn't rotate freely without the chain jamming. He was forced to cycle 10 miles at 5 mph to Luton train station and get the train home. I carried on with my friend Paul, but I got 2 more punctures and we got a bit lost. My cycle computer reset itself so I don't know how far we went but it was probably around 55/60 miles. It took ages and the whole time we were against the clock as Paul had to be back to get to his in-laws for Sunday lunch! Still must have done me some good as my legs are killing me !

More Ice !

Headed out last Sunday for 75 miles but on a different route. We had to delay the start by an hour because there was ice everywhere. We decided we would have to stick main roads because of the ice, but still after a few miles we had to keep changing the route as we came more and more ice. At one point we couldn;t see where we were going becuase of thick fog. It's all still better than not going out at all but it was hard work. We did about 48 miles in the end.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Coming home from work yesterday, I took a right hand turn, slipped on ice and hit the road with my right knee. Just ended up with a bruised knee and torn overshoes but not too bad. Bike's fine luckily.

I hate the ice and the fact I have to train in this crap weather !