Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Wind Down

It's all slowing down over the Christmas period. I've had a few work parties to go to which has limited the number of times I've ridden to work and the weekend rides with friends have slowed a bit as various people haven't been able to make it. I went out on 20th December with my friend Paul but we could only go for 2/3 hours as I needed to be back to go for lunch with my family. As it turned out, Paul wasn't feeling his best after a work's do, so the ride was gentle. It was a really nice change to know that the ride was going to be shorter and the pace was going to be easy. The weather was fantastic as well - a slight chill but with the sun out and the country side looking lovely. We ended up doing about 38 miles which wasn't too bad.

I have to admit, that I'm getting a bit nervous about how getting back on the bike going's to be after Christmas cos I've eaten loads and haven't done any exercise for over a week. I'm back at work on Friday, so I suppose I should ride to work to ease into it, but I'm going out on Saturday night with friends so I can't see myself getting a long ride in at the weekend.


Datameister said...

I shouldn't worry too much about getting back on after Christmas. You'll be much the better for the rest. I know I was last year.

Good luck with this year's Etape. Preparation is everything, not just miles, but also where possible practising at saving energy in (and on the back of) a big group, and there are few bigger than the Etape.

I'll watch with interest (and not a little envy)

Guy said...

Thanks Datameister. I've just started agian and although I can notice the difference, it's not taking too long to feel fit again.