Sunday, 14 December 2008

Mechanical Disasters

Because of the weather, I've only managed 3 days cycling to work this week. I felt good on Wednesday so I decided to try and push the average speed up. I only managed to get it up to around 18 mph, which was a bit disappointing over only 25 minutes. It is a bit hilly but then it's sticking in my mind that I read an article in Cycling Weekly a few weeks ago about a 75 year old man who holds the 1 hour record for his age group and he managed 22 mph !

Went out for a 75 mile ride with 2 friends today whcih turned into a bit of a disaster. First I punctured and at the same time, my friend Adrian stopped just round the next bend. When I wen to him after fixing my puncture, his chain stay had bent and his whell wouldn't rotate freely without the chain jamming. He was forced to cycle 10 miles at 5 mph to Luton train station and get the train home. I carried on with my friend Paul, but I got 2 more punctures and we got a bit lost. My cycle computer reset itself so I don't know how far we went but it was probably around 55/60 miles. It took ages and the whole time we were against the clock as Paul had to be back to get to his in-laws for Sunday lunch! Still must have done me some good as my legs are killing me !

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