Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It's been a while since I've updated this blog. I went to Amsterdam on the weekend of 17th Jan, so missed a weekend of cycling there. The weekend after, 2 of our 4 couldn't make it, so myself and Paul went out on Sunday. It was blowing a gale and was raining heavily and to be honest we weren't that motivated to get out. We hung around at Paul's for half an hour or so watching the beginning of the L'Etape preview DVD, then went out in the rain without a real plan of where we where going. We managed to get a bit less than 50 miles in but it wasn't really any fun !

The following day I got a text from Paul saying he'd watched the "Bullet Cam" on the DVD and only then had appreciated the length and severity of Ventoux. His actual quote in the text was "Holly f***ing sh*t". He then cycled the 25 miles each way to work 3 times in the following week ! On the weekend of 1st Feb all 4 us rode together and did a really tough 70 miles. I felt really strong and really enjoyed it and it was the first time in ages that it wasn't icy or raining or windy. It was so welcome to feel like that as I was beginning to get a bit down about what I saw as the lack of improvement. I'm definitley going up and down in how I feel about the slog that's to go until July, but then every now and then, I do a ride like this and I really enjoy it.

I've cycled much less to work because of the snow and last weekend's ride had to be cancelled as well. I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the gym bike all on an uphill setting. Better than nothing I suppose !

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